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Gift Ideas To Eat and Drink, featuring Rara Avis

Rara Avis Wine - Georgia Straight Coverage

As seen in The Georgia Straight by Mike Usinger

Thank you to Mike Usinger and The Georgia Straight for including Rara Avis in the round up of gift ideas to eat and drink!

Mike writes: “You know the old saying that ‘it’s better to give than receive’? The great thing about gifting food or liquor is that odds are good you’ll be invited to share.

Instead of grapes, the leaping off point here are haskap berries – cultivated for centuries by Indigenous peoples in Russia, Japan, and China, and now being embraced by North America, including the folks at Echo Haskap in the Okanagan’s Creighton Valley. Released in a limited batch, Rara Avis Fortified Haskap Wine has enough complexity to hang with Old World ports and Canadian ice wines, with a subtle tartness making it your new favourite obsession. Add a kiss of baking spices—hello cloves and cinnamon – and you’ve got a jammy fruit-bombed winner that goes as great with double-chocolate cake after dinner as it does with your pecan pancakes in the morning. 

Added bonus: family-run Echo Haskap, working here with Kalala Organic Estate Winery, is a certified organic farm, which means every bottle of Rara Avis starts with clean soil, pure water, and air clean enough to make anyone wonder why they live in the city. You might want to pick up a spare bottle, because once the word gets out…”

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