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Echo Haskap


Taste it for Yourself

Discover a plethora of delightful and nourishing options to relish the exquisite flavours of haskap berries.

Whether you’re seeking to purchase frozen berries in bulk, or looking for wholesale freeze-dried berries and powder, we’re here to cater to your wholesome haskap berry requirements. Let’s connect to fulfill your nutritious cravings!

Freeze-Dried Haskap Powder

PowderOrganically grown in Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada, our Haskap berries are selected at their peak maturity for maximum flavor and BRIX level.

We wanted to create a product that would capture Haskap’s unique nutritional content and be available to enjoy throughout the year. The berries are gently freeze-dried to help preserve their natural goodness and high levels of anthocyanins. The powder is made using berries from our own organic farm.

Haskap Freeze-Dried Powder is super-versatile. Use as you would other fruit or berry powders – in your smoothie, shake, stirred into breakfast cereal, porridge or yogurt for added antioxidant boost. Haskap Berry Powder is also perfect for baking and desserts – adding natural color and a delicious taste.

  • Canada’s own new Superfruit
  • No added sugar
  • No added color or preservatives
  • Antioxidant + anthocyanin rich
  • Vitamin and Mineral loaded
  • Sweet and tangy flavor
  • Rich in color purple to blue
  • Tasty and versatile
  • Good for the whole family
  • Nutrition supported by science

Minimum QTY orders apply.

Frozen Haskap Bulk

Grown in Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada, our Haskap berries are selected at their peak maturity for maximum flavor and BRIX level.

Certifications: Certified Organic by FVOPA (Member of FVOPA), SFC (Safe Food for Canadian’s) License

Cultivars: Aurora, Treat, Boreal Beauty, Boreal Beast, Indigo Gem. 

Packaging: 30lb case with plastic liner, stackableCase

Unit Information:

Case size: 400 mm x 280 mm x 225 mm

50 cases on a 40″ x 48″ pallet

Labeling: Each box is individually labeled with product name, weight, location

  • Brix typically > 15
  • pH typically < 4
  • Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Haskap berries
  • Primary Inspection and sorting at harvesting
  • Secondary inspection and sorting after freezing
  • < 2% stems by berry count
  • Whole berries, berries intact, ripe
  • < 1% green by berry count
  • Free from insects
  • Free of leaves, sticks and foreign material

Minimum QTY orders apply.

Rara Avis
Fortified Haskap Wine

Rara Avis is a celebration of the organic BC-grown haskap super berry. Perfectly suited for serving with end-of-meal cheese plates or desserts, or focus on the beautiful package that just begs to be picked up and gifted!

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