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Rara Avis: An Exceptional Wine Debuts in Time For Holiday Gatherings and Gifting

Rara avis Holiday Wine Banner

[Echo Valley, BC] – The BC wine scene welcomes the arrival of an extraordinary addition just in time for the holiday season. Rara Avis, the first-ever fortified BC wine expression made from the coveted haskap berry, offers a truly unique experience for both seasoned oenophiles and those seeking the perfect gift.

Rara Avis is a premium fortified fruit wine produced from organic BC-grown haskap super berries offered in limited
quantities, with only 250 cases available.

Crafted with dedication and passion from the rare haskap berry by winemaker Tibor Erdélyi, this fortified fruit wine is a testament to the dedication of Tibor and the exceptional terroir of British Columbia.

Rara Avis embodies the essence of haskap fruit winemaking. Its remarkable characteristics and exceptional flavour make it a standout choice for wine connoisseurs and those new to the world of wine.

“Rara Avis,” means “Rare Bird” in Latin, and this wine lives up to its name as an uncommon and exceptional creation. Made from haskap, organic, and small batch, this wine is an exquisite addition to your wine selections.

If you enjoy fortified wines like Port, you will love Rara Avis. It is perfectly suited for serving with end-of-meal cheese plates or desserts. Packaged in an alluring design, this wine not only tantalizes the taste buds but also presents itself as an impeccable gift choice for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

Rara Avis boasts a rich, deep colour with a complex bouquet of aromas. On the palate you’ll encounter notes of ripe
blackberries, dark chocolate and hints of oak. The wine’s velvety texture and long, elegant finish make it a perfect choice.

With only a select number of cases available, Rara Avis will be a sought-after addition to festive celebrations. Secure your bottle online at or keep an eye out for its limited presence on select store shelves soon.

Retailers and restaurants who wish to stock Rara Avis, please connect with Lynette at KIS Consulting.