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Rara Avis: Fortified Haskap Wine

As seen on Year in Wine by Deb Murray

Thank you to Deb Murray of Year in Wine for taking the time to learn, taste, and share about Rara Avis!

“This week’s wine is made from haskap berries; have you heard of these before? Haskap berries were named by the indigenous Ainu people of northern Japan, and the name means many fruits on branches. Haskap berries are actually an edible, blue honeysuckle and they remind me of small, oddly-shaped Italian prune plums. The plant itself grows as a shrub and it is winter-hardy and relatively pest and disease resistant. Haskap berries are renowned as a super food, delivering triple the antioxidants and four times the anthocyanins of blueberries, as well as containing a high level of vitamin C.”

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