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Wines for Cold Winter Evenings

wines for cold winter evenings echo haskap rara avis

As seen on My VanCity by Sam Hauck, also known as ‘Sam The Wine Teacher’

Thank you to Sam Hauck for including Rara Avis as a BC wine suggestion that he says might become one of your new favourites.

“An uncommon or exceptional thing is a Rara Avis or “Rare Bird”.  Rara Avis premium fortified fruit wine is a celebration of the organic Haskap berries grown on the pristine soil of our Okanagan Valley farm.  Full-bodied and luscious, Rara Avis tantalizes the palate with the rich aroma of currant and brambles, caramel notes and a darting, faintly spiced finish that calls to mind the hummingbirds of our fields. Winemaking notes – The Rara Avis Fortified Wine was oaked for 2 years in American oak to develop its richness and intense flavours of currant, brambles, and caramel notes.”

Read the full feature by Sam here.